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We can provide you with a free telephone quotation of our fees and services but strongly recommend that you take advantage of our free site survey and service charge accounts analysis.
We will meet with any potential client and undertake a free survey of your property and provide you with a free analysis of your current service charge expenditure.
Simply complete the below form and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

Site Survey

Free Site Survey

The free site survey serves a dual purpose, it gives us a good idea of what we should quote you for our services but it also allows us to provide you with our expert views on the current standard of maintenance at your property. It will highlight where improvements can be made and whether the building is compliant with current health and safety regulations.

The written survey is often useful to show to other Lessees or Directors who were unable to attend the site meeting.

Sebright understand that it is not always possible for Leaseholders to find the time to keep on top of the day-to-day expenditure required to maintain their property and know that they need to place a lot of trust in their managing agent. Our free service charge accounts and expenditure analysis will provide you with our expert views on whether you are getting the best possible value for your service charge contributions. If we believe that you are being overcharged in any way we can arrange alternative quotations from local and national suppliers and provide you with a better value service.
All of this is at no cost to you and with no obligation to instruct us.

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