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According to the latest vehicle stats, the EV market is booming. Sales increased by 186% in 2020 and today there are an estimated 400,000 electric cars on the road in the UK and more than 750,000 plug-in hybrids. The growth of the EV market is expected to accelerate in the coming years as the UK prepares itself for the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicle sales. By 2025 Electric Vehicles are predicted to make up 70% of the market share in new car sales.

Blocks of flats have previously been at a disadvantage in installing Charge points due to difficulties in retrofitting existing properties. However from 2022 the Governments OZEV (Office for Zero Emission Vehicles) scheme will be targeted toward people living in residential blocks.

The new grant scheme proposes to cover up to 75% of the cost of retrofitting charge points to existing blocks of flats. This will encourage residents to make the switch where charging provisions have previously been limited and potentially more challenging to secure. 

We are currently working with several companies to obtain quotations, apply for grant funds, provide the charge points, installation and the software needed to run the system.

Charging Issues for blocks

Potential issues around charge point installations in blocks of flats include
· Restrictive lease terms
· Power loading issues
· Access to existing power infrastructure
· Communal supply billing

Good news is that recent changes to the Government scheme include contributions towards power upgrades required from the National grid and up to £30,000 toward the total installation cost to the leaseholders.

We work with each block on an individual basis to resolve these types of issues and find the best solutions for each property.

Allocated or designated chargers?

For residents with allocated or designated parking bays, there will be the option for a charge point for the sole use of that resident. For some developments, this will be the only option available, however for car parks that have unallocated bays, there is the option for having a communal charging solution.

Communal chargers

Communal charging points are situated in unallocated parking bays that can be re-assigned to become a dedicated charging bay, accessible for all residents to use.

These chargers are similar to public charging points, where you will have a limited amount of time your vehicle can be connected to the charger to allow other users (in this case other residents) to access and use the charger.

Where the charge points are connected to a communal electricity supply there will likely be a need for a third-party billing system similar to those accessed at motorway services and other public charging facilities.

EV Charging at Residential blocks is a quickly evolving field in terms of technology, power and software solutions but whichever systems become most commonplace, it is certain that the future of Electric car driving for the masses is now just around the corner and Sebright aim to be best placed to help facilitate this for our clients.